ai.SensiLab is a research blog run by the Creative AI team at SensiLab, Monash University.

It is a space for sharing work-in-development, critical discussions and practical tips for anything and everything relating to Creative AI.

Using recent developments in AI and deep learning, how can we design systems that co-create with people? Our aim is to support, nurture and expand individual and collective creativity rather than mimic or automate creative processes. More broadly we want to understand how AI can become a cultural influencer and bring new aesthetics and ideas into creative practice.

The Creative AI research team at SensiLab pursues these questions and goals from a range of angles, helped by our diverse backgrounds in graphics, music, computer science and the creative arts.

The SensiLab Creative AI team

Jon Simon Dilpreet Nina
Prof. Jon McCormack Prof. Simon Colton Dilpreet Singh Nina Rajcic

Past Members

Pat Toby
Dr Patrick Hutchings Dr Toby Gifford

Guest Contributers

drawing Ana Tiquia is a cultural producer, futures thinker and strategist who works across art and culture, design, and creative technology. Follow Ana on twitter
drawing Anna Ridler is an artist and researcher who works with information and data. She has exhibited at the V&A Museum, Ars Electronica and the Tate Modern and has degrees from the Royal College of Art, Oxford University and University of Arts London. Her interests include drawing, machine learning, data collection, storytelling, and technology. Follow Anna on twitter
avatar Daria Parkhomenko is a curator and art historian based in Moscow. She is the founder of LABORATORIA Art and Science foundation (since 2008). Follow LABORATORIA on facebook
Hannah Hannah Korsmeyer is an Assistant Lecturer in the Design Department at MADA, Monash University. She is a member of the MADA XYX Research Lab, which investigates the relationship between gender and place. She is also a member of WonderLab, where she is part of a PhD cohort researching “design and learning”. Follow Hannah on twitter
avatar Justine Emard (born in 1987) is a visual artist, based in Paris, France. She creates displays to explore the relations between our existences and technologies. Through different types of interactions, she explores a crossing between robotics, objects, artificial intelligence and life, based on deep learning experiences and human-machine dialogues. Her practice revolves around video, installation, photography and augmented reality. Follow Justine on Twitter.