ai.SensiLab Podcast Episode 6 - AI:More than Human Exhibition

Our podcast this week looks at a new exhibition on AI art that opened at the Barbican centre in London. AI: More than Human is an ambitious exhibition that explores the relationship between humans and AI technology. The show has received mixed reviews, particularly from art critics. Join Creative AI researchers Jon, Nina and Dilpreet as they unpack why AI Art exhibitions are problematic and might not be as favourable to art critics as traditional exhibitions of human art.

Episode 6: AI:More than Human Exhibition

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AI: More than Human opened at the Barbican Centre in London on the 16th May. The exhibition, curated by Suzanne Livingston and Maholo Uchida tackles the growing interest and perhaps, apprehension about the current wave of AI technologies impinging deeper and deeper into human society and culture.

The show has received a number of reviews in mainstream British newspapers, including a rather scathing review of the art by Guardian Art Critic, Jonathan Jones.

One of Jones’ criticisms is that AI doesn’t possess anything close to a conscious mind, so therefore it cannot be creative and the art works on display are just boring “mindless doodlings and droolings”. Does Jones have a point? Listen to our podcast to find out.

Please let us know your opinions about AI: More than Human via twitter and we also welcome suggestions for topics you’d like to hear about in future episodes.

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