ai.SensiLab Podcast Episode 11 - Art...or not?

Ever been in an art gallery and wondered if something was really art? Well, wonder no more: a handy new app allows you to harness the power of AI to decide on the question: “is that art…or not?”

Episode 11: Art…or Not? Building an AI Art Critic

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SensiLab has just released a new creative AI app: Art or Not. The app allows you to take a picture with your smartphone and then uses a convolutional neural network to decide if the image is really of something that would be considered art (or not). Trained on a database of over 100,000 public domain images from the collections of major art galleries, Art or Not compares thousands of features of the image with the features of images from the art database to form its opinion. The app also shows you the most visually similar artworks from the database, allowing you to discover artworks based on visual similarity. And of couse there’s ample social media share options to kick off heated debates!

What are the implications of an artificial art critic? Should human critics be looking for a different career path soon? Join our team as they discuss answers to these questions and explain more about how the software works and where it might go next! You can also read more about the technical details on a separate blog post. Subscription links are below.

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