ai.SensiLab Podcast Episode 2 - Music and AI

In this week’s Creative AI podcast we discuss the rise of AI generated music and its impact on music composition and production commercially. While algorithmic approaches to music generation have been studied in academia for many decades, over the last few years a growing number of commercial startups have formed around offering “AI” assistance to composition and production. Our team unpacks some of the major issues around automated music generation and comments on the state-of-the-art.

Episode 2: Music and AI

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This week we talked about the rise of AI Music including the recent Google Doodle, Spotify’s acquisition of François Pachet’s team at Sony CSL, David Cope’s EMI and some of our own research in AI music. We even talked about AI’s role in performance, referencing computer generated personalities such as the very disturbing Miquela.

Please let us know your opinions about music and AI via twitter and we also welcome suggestions for topics you’d like to hear about in future episodes.

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