ai.SensiLab Podcast Episode 3 - Emotional AI

In this week’s Creative AI podcast we discuss emotional artificial intelligence. Affective computing, artificial emotional intelligence, emotional AI is a rapidly growing field. Can machines understand our emotions? Would you relate better to a AI if it displayed more emotion? Can you really tell a person’s emotion by looking at their facial expressions, tone of voice or body language? Our team looks at the more optimistic and sinister uses of AI technology in understanding human emotion.

Episode 3: Emotional AI

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In this week’s episode we look into the idea of a computer or AI “understanding” a person’s emotional state. From the foundational paper on affective computing by Rosalind Picard in 1995, the field has been growing in capability and application. We discuss the different models of emotion used from Psychology and look at how they might are used in creative applications. We look at Picard’s startup, Affectiva and Solo, the emotional radio that selects music based on its perception of your mood.

Please let us know your opinions about Emotional AI via twitter and we also welcome suggestions for topics you’d like to hear about in future episodes.

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